Rent to Own

Are you currently renting? Are you tired of giving away your money to a landlord and not acquiring equity with each payment you make? Do you want:

  • to build equity in a nice home while you improve your credit rating?
  • the ability to fix the price of your future home and avoid price increases?
  • the opportunity to qualify for a better mortgage in 6 to 18 months?
  • more time to build up your savings?

New Home Solutions, LLC Can Help!

Why just pay rent when your payments can work toward reducing the purchase price of your future home? or your new office space? click here for options to your shop front )
Our program allows you to build equity in a property while you rent, and if you are starting with your office click here to design your shop front to increase the views and get the profit to make an easier payment for your rent. Remember Your deposit serves as a down payment and a portion of your monthly rent payment may also decrease the purchase price of the home with special needs for every home including stairlifts for the elderly which you can get from sites like

The price of real estate is continuously fluctuating and banks are making it very difficult to obtain a loan.  NHS’s program gives you the opportunity to fix the purchase price for a home, build equity, improve your credit, and help you qualify for a loan to buy that home.

NHS’s “Rent to Own” Program

This program is based on a contract that allows you to rent a home with a future option to buy that home. The purchase price of your home will be set at fair market value. In the future, when the real estate market rebounds and housing prices increase, the purchase price of your home will still remain the same. NHS will determine the purchase price of the property, the payment schedule, and the time frame within which you will need to obtain bank financing.

Furthermore, we provide comprehensive support, including plumbing services, to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of your home. Additionally, consider engaging a good service like roof leak repair NJ, which specializes in addressing roofing issues promptly and effectively. For this we need to hire a reliable plumber. Professional plumbers can also provide other plumbing services like drain clearing. You may also reach out to local contractors if your home needs a new garbage disposal installation. Additionally, for breaker panel replacement, we recommend consulting with experienced professionals to avoid future problem.

NHS will also introduce you to a credit repair specialist who will guide you through the necessary steps to improve your credit. Once your credit has improved, you should qualify for a bank loan to buy your home, while if you want to improve your home with a balcony there are services for this too, find out more here for this. On average, our credit repair specialists help our renters own a home within 6 to 36 months.

To receive notification when new rent-to-own homes become available, please Contact Us.

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