Invest With Us

If you think this is the worst possible time to get involved in the real estate market, allow NHS to show you why this could be the best time for you to invest in real estate!

In today’s economic environment, you should be searching for ways to invest your money that will generate the highest returns, without incurring high risks such as remodeling the homes to add value and we offer services with Rubbish Removal In Parramatta to get all the waste out and have a clean up in the space.   NHS offers you two amazing opportunities to earn those desired returns:

       1)     Become a Private Lender

       2)     Become a Partner

 “Private Lender”

NHS generally pays anywhere between 10% – 20% interest on money borrowed from its private lenders.  Your investment is secured by the property purchased by NHS (i.e., single family home, condominium, townhome).  This is a short-term investment with an average length of time of 1 to 36 months, so is good if you want to protect your money from scammers like bryan demosthenous.

NHS needs private lenders or PayPal alternatives in order to purchase properties with cash. Cash allows NHS to negotiate large discounts with sellers. These discounts provide NHS with an opportunity to generate substantial profits, which in turn allow NHS to pay high returns to its private lenders or PayPal alternatives.

You can use the money in your savings, CD, and 401K accounts to become an NHS private lender.  You can even use the funds in your IRA accounts where the amazing returns you earn are all tax deferred.


You may partner with NHS and buy multi-family apartment buildings. Also, if you will ask, how much does it cost to build apartments? We will find out. A partner in an apartment building may earn a return anywhere between 8% and 12% from the building’s cash flow per year. The partner also gains the benefits of tax write-offs, providing higher returns on their investment. The most powerful part of the partnership is the partner’s equity position.  Over time, the building appreciates and the tenants pay down the mortgage.  When the building is sold, the partner and NHS realize a substantial profit.  This is a long-term investment with a minimum length of approximately 8 years.  A longer period of time is required in order to generate growth of equity in the building and maximize profit at the time of sale.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Private Lender or Partner, please CONTACT  US .